If you’re looking for ideas that can support you in your personal developmentLeadership course Melbourne  journey, practical advice to guide you in your self-improvement and inspiration for your personal growth, then read on ……

Perhaps you’re looking to build more confidence within yourself. Or perhaps you’re wanting to discover a greater sense of purpose and deeper meaning to your life.

Or maybe you’re starting to feel that the demands of a hectic lifestyle are creating stress for you and you are searching for ways to find greater peace-of-mind.

Self-improvement requires reflection

Self-development requires that you occasionally hit the “pause” button. You need to take some time to reflect on how you’re living your life – the choices you are making, the way you are feeling and the way you are behaving.

As you develop a deeper level of self awareness. you will find within  you the keys to gaining a greater sense of control and direction in your life.

Some people do find that to further their quest for personal development and becoming a “better” person, they need to think about their past, and reflect on how some of their early life experiences may have shaped how they behave now.

Learning from the past, so you can move forward with freedom

Many of us carry different types of inner demons that feed self-doubt ……. Some of these demons apersonal developmentrise from past experiences where our self-confidence has been seriously bruised and it’s left us feeling unsure of ourselves.

Self- development begins when we recognise that these past experiences which may have been painful at the time, carry within them the seeds of lessons that have the potential to make us a wiser person.

We do not have to re-live our past. Any mistakes we may have made in the past do not need to define who we are today. With improved self-understanding, we can free ourselves of unproductive patterns and instead start creating the life that we dream.

Personal development resources

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Following your heart

Here are some powerful words from Steve Jobs, a courageous pioneer in technology who of course became a giant in self developmentthe world of business

“Your time here is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t become trapped by narrow thinking – or you’ll miss seeing the exciting and endless possibilities that are all around you. Don’t let the noise of other people’s  opinions drown out your own inner voice.  What is most important, is that you have the courage to follow your heart and listen to your intuition. Because, somehow deep within, you already know what you are truly meant to become” 

 A story about knowing your worth

Personal development requires that you be open to new experiences; be willing to learn from past experiences and that you value the knowledge and skills you have gained from your life experience so far. And on the theme of self-worth, I would like to share a brief story……

There is a story told about the master- painter Picasso. He was sitting at a cafe enjoying the warmth of the morning sun one day, when a rather pompous lady came up to him and abruptly requested that he sketch a portrait of her. He looked at her curiously for a while before he agreed and then he began sketching her in his drawing book.

Within a matter of minutes Picasso had finished the drawing of his subject, and turned the page to show her. She was delighted with it. He then scribbled down on a table napkin the price required for her to purchase the portrait. She exploded! “You can’t be serious, asking for that much! ….. It only took you 3 minutes to draw my portrait!”

“Yes Madam” Picasso calmly replied  with just the hint of a smile, “but it took me more than 40 years to learn how to draw such a portrait in 3 minutes”.”

It is you who ultimately determines the value you place upon yourself and your experience. For some people,  personal development is about re-affirming their sense of self-worth and discovering an inner contentment that comes from learning to appreciate who they are and what they have to offer.

You can choose how you respond in life

You may be familiar with the personal development book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey .  One of the messages in the book is the theme of exercising choice in how we respond to events in life …