This highly engaging half day or one day assertiveness training course, is delivered in-house for your organisation. It offers practical ideas and techniques in the areas ofassertiveness, active listening, confidence, self-esteem and conflict resolution – all crucial aspects to building and maintaining positive, healthy workplace relationships.

Conflicts and differences with others are a part of normal everyday life. However, if you have too many, or you are perhaps not handling them well – then life can certainly become stressful.

Conflicts at work can be caused by people having different points of view about things such as priorities, responsibilities, or standards – or sometimes conflict can be caused by people trying to achieve what they want at the expense of others.

At work and in life, people can react to conflict in different ways. Some people avoid it at any cost – but you can risk being taken advantage of if you become a chronic conflict-avoider.

The assertive response involves standing up for yourself and your rights, but doing so in a way that shows respect for other people. Assertiveness does not mean refusing to compromise – it does mean being willing to listen and to have an open mind as to how a fair outcome can be reached.

Assertiveness training may be able to provide you with direction in how to handle some of those difficult people and difficult situations that you encounter. And by the way, if you can’t attend an assertiveness course, read on because we also offer an assertiveness e-workbook that can be an excellent guide to support your personal development.

In-company training

Our assertiveness training course is delivered in-house for your organisation in Melbourne, and content includes ………..

  • Identifying specific situations in which you need to be more assertive
  • Applying assertive skills in how you communicate with others
  • Assertive techniques for responding to criticism and difficult behaviour
  • Learn how to engage others in collaborative problem solving, seeking to resolve conflict
  • The importance of self-esteem as a basis for developing an assertive mindset
  • Remaining calm in conflict situations, so you can respond with confidence, composure and assertiveness

If you would like to see some video clips offering ideas on personal development, click on Building Self-Confidence.

Or if you would like to view an assertiveness video clip in which six specific ideas are offered for becoming more assertive, then click Assertiveness Tips

Assertiveness E-Book

If you don’t have the time to attend an assertiveness course, then you might like to have a look at our e-workbook – which costs only $4.70 and offers an intensive guide to support your personal development …..

Assertiveness E-Workbook
If you can’t afford the time to attend an assertiveness course, why not consider our 30 page Assertiveness e-workbook – It is emailed to you as a soft copy, which you will have on your ipad or computer Click ,How-To-Assertive  for details and to purchase with Paypal


Seven Keys For Becoming More Assertive”

assertiveness training
Cost  $4.70 AUD

  • Gain a clear understanding of what it means to be assertive
  • Empower yourself through increased self-esteem
  • Apply assertive principles and strategies in your life
  • Change your life by changing your thinking
  • Learn how to say no and set boundaries with demanding people