How to Motivate Yourself : Get desperate!

If you’ve ever been fuelled by anger, you remember how easily you were propelled into action! Likewise, desperation can often serve as a powerful motivator. When you decide that you can’t stand your current circumstances any longer and decide that you will do whatever it takes to change them. Use those strong feelings of anger or desperation to keep you moving long after you would have ordinarily quit.

On this theme of using desperation as a self-motivating force, I think you’ll find of interest this short video clip that features Jim Rohn the world famous motivational and personal development speaker, presenting “The Day That Turns Your Life Around“….

2. Get determined!

Sometimes all it takes to get and stay motivated is to set our minds to do something. You focus on your goal and you refuse to be held back by obstacles …… When you refuse to buy into excuses and vow to push through anything that threatens to hold you back, how can you possibly NOT make good things happen?

3. Motivating Yourself – Get aggressive!

This tip goes along with the previous one, and uses the same type of strong emotion to fuel your efforts and remain persistent. However, we’re not talking about becoming bossy, demanding or rude with people.

We’re talking about how it seems that many of us start out aggressively pursuing our dreams but then lose steam as time goes on. Either we encounter obstacles that stop us in our tracks, or ourinspiration4-300x224 determination begins to falter. Reclaim your aggressive approach – especially as it relates to obstacles. Instead of letting challenges deter you, make a promise to yourself that you will tackle each challenge with intense aggression. You may well find that the more forceful you are with setbacks and delays, the more you’ll realize they hold no power over you or your results.

4. Get motivated by becoming inspired

The following short clip features a beautiful song called “Give a little love and get a little love” – but it is the accompanying video that will uplift your spirits. You’ve probably heard of the idea of “pay it forward”….. Well instead of people being inspired by themselves receiving acts of kindness – they are motivated by witnessing other people being kind.

The video will make you feel like you want to be a better person…. And it reminds us I think, that our actions can have wider ripple effects than what we might imagine, like when you throw a pebble in the pond. Enjoy ….

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