Sample interview questions for a project manager position

There are many capabilities that a project manager requires to be effective. Not only high level planning, scheduling and organisational skills, but also the ability to build and maintain positive relationships with a variety of different stakeholders.

The following questions offer some examples of what could be asked as part of the interview – many of which are behavioural questions.

Whether you are an interviewer or an interviewee, this list can provide you with some guidance to help with your preparation … Remember though, that it is the selection criteria and requirements of for the position that will determine which of these sample interview questions are most relevant …

  • Please describe your experience in project management
  • What project management methodology are you most familiar with?
  • Tell us about a recent project you managed – what specific strategies did you use to monitor and control the status of the project?
  • What methods have you used to manage project risk?
  • Give us an example of a significant technical problem that arose during a project and what problem solving steps you took to deal with it?
  • When you are making resource allocation decisions, how do you judge the relative priority of competing demands within the project?
  • Tell us about an occasion when a project you were leading was not meeting performance milestones – how exactly did you go about attempting to get the project back on track?
  • What strategies have you used to keep your project team motivated and build co-operative spirit?
  • Tell us about a time when a project member made a mistake and how you handled the situation
  • What planning and scheduling software do you prefer to use and why?
  • Tell us about a time when you needed to address a project team member with a concern you had about their performance – how exactly did you handle the discussion and what was the outcome?
  • How do you handle attempts at “scope creep” by clients?
  • Tell us about a demanding client you have had to handle – how exactly did you manage their expectations?
  • What strategies do you use to build positive relationships with project stakeholders?
  • What steps did you take in the closing phase of the last major project you worked on?
  • In addition to your nominated referees – who else could we contact who could comment on your ability to positively manage client relationships?

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