Professional Selling Skills   A one day in-house sales training course

Professional selling is founded upon an attitude of service, motivated by a genuine desire to identify and satisfy your client’s problem. This becomes easier when you have the ability to see the world as your client does – and of course you also need to possess sound product knowledge, so as to present the right solution.sales training

It requires essential skills such as rapport building, active listening and problem solving. Many a sale has been lost because the salesperson has been speaking when they should have been listening!

Finally, professional selling requires the desire, skills and system to stay in touch with clients and enable the building of strong, sustainable relationships.

During this interactive and entertaining one day sales trainingcourse, your staff will learn to;

  • Recognise the difference in approach between transactional selling and building long term partnerships with customers
  • Create early rapport and make good first impressions
  • Listen like a professional
  • See your client’s world through their eyes
  • Create a system for staying in touch
  • Understand and use ‘The Selling Cycle’
  • Understand Buyer phases
  • Recognise when to listen, when to speak
  • Handle objections
  • Manage the negotiation phase
  • Use a personality model to understand behaviour
  • Identify when to make a final recommendation about your product or service

Sales Training Melbourne offer the opportunity to develop professional sales skills and a client focused attitude in your staff, whether they are working directly in sales roles or they are supporting sales. Everyone has opportunities to sell your products and service. Make sure that your staff are ready when the opportunity arises.

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