You’ve got to sell yourself

In the midst of all the change and uncertainty in the world around us, there are still some undeniable truths that continue to apply. And one of these is that when it comes to the job interview and getting hired for a job, you’ve got to be able to sell yourself…….. In other words, your interview skills can be just as important as your technical skills in winning that job!

 Whether you are seeking to win a job with a large national corporate company or be hired by a small, local firm, you need to be able to speak with confidence about your experience and achievements.  …… When you face an interviewer, your success will depend as much upon  how you prepare and present yourself at the interview, as it does on the quality of your actual job skills.

Like it or not, it is quite often the quality of your interviewing skills that will be a crucial factor in determining whether you end up getting hired. Therefore you need to invest time and effort in ensuring that your interviewing skills are as polished as possible.

What’s important for doing well at the interview? The basic essential traits of being prompt, speaking clearly and carrying yourself with confidence and composure, and dressing appropriately are all factors that contribute to making a positive impression that can eventually get you hired.


Here are some interviewing tips with some basic do’s and don’ts ….

 Interview Tip #1   Be friendly to the receptionist

When you are contacted to schedule the interview, try to make the acquaintance of the assistant or the receptionist when they call. Be friendly and polite, as these people might be able to provide you with a little bit of extra information that can be useful in preparing for the interview – for example giving you some more background of the company or your prospective interviewers.

 Interview Tip #2   Make a positive first impression

First, dress appropriately. Once the interviewer walks into the room, or once you walk into the room to be interviewed, your appearance will be the first thing to make an impact. Dress appropriately, check your grooming and carefully mind your posture – both when you are standing and seated (avoid slouching).  Second, practice basic courtesy. Know where the interview will be held and be there with ample time to prepare yourself before the scheduled interview. Turn your phone off to avoid distractions. And remember to smile when you shake hands

 Interview Tips #3     Do your homework and know the company

Ensure that you have done your research and that you know the basics about the company. You would not want to be caught unprepared when asked about what you know about the company that you are applying for. Learn about your potential employer. In your mind, develop a clear picture of the company profile, their history, growth, market position, major customers, etc

Interview Tip #4       Appear confident, even if you don’t feel it

So, you’ve been called in to the interview room – step forward with head held high and project the appearance of confidence, even if you’re feeling nervous. Take a deep breath and make a great first impression by maintaining eye contact, giving the interviewer a firm handshake, a friendly smile and a polite greeting.  Sit only when you are asked to do so and do not forget to thank the interviewer for taking time off of his or her busy schedule to interview you. Start on a positive and respectful note

Interview tip #5      Don’t ask about salary at the first interview

Be prepared to ask some intelligent questions at the end of the interview. Show the interviewer that you have done your homework and that you do possess some background knowledge of their organisation. But also show that you would like to learn more about the scope of their services and how they operate by asking informed questions. However, avoid asking about employment conditions or salary until a second interview, or unless the interviewer raises these issues.

And remember, if you’re looking for an experienced interview coach yo help with your preparation and getting you interview-primed, give me a call