In-company 2-day Leadership course

This highly engaging and practical two day Leadership training course in Melbourne will help participants to develop greater confidence in their ability to lead and deliver great results with your team. It is delivered in-house.

The course is ideal if you are new to a team leader or management role – and wanting a deeper insight into what it takes to get the best out of yourself and the members of your team.

You will gain essential tools and ideas to more confidently perform your leadership role in the workplace and win the respect of the people you lead. Phone 0430972578 if you need more information to help you decide whether this is the right training for your organisation.

Melbourne Leadership short course

Leadership is less about your title and more about how you carry yourself on a daily basis – especially when the “heat is on” and things are not working out.

People will do what a boss says because they have to …. But people follow a leader because they want to. And they are willing to go the extra mile for the leader who inspires them

So if you are a new manager, supervisor or team leader, in this course you will gain plenty of tips and techniques to help you develop your people management skills ….

  • Leadership qualities – understand what people expect of their leaders and what you must do to win respect
  • Performance management – establishing clear expectations and giving effective feedback to staff; how to have a constructive conversation to address and resolve any performance issues that can arise
  • Delegation – achieving outcomes through coaching other people; overcoming the fear of letting go; learning why and how to delegate
  • Motivation – engaging your people by recognising their different values and drivers
  • Interpersonal skills – techniques for listening to others with an open mind, creating rapport and connection, and how to work through differences in a constructive way
  • Decision making – knowing when and why to consult with your team
  • Self management – routines for staying organised and strategies for leveraging your energy cycles; lessons from positive psychology on how to build resilience
  • Teamwork – how to build team morale and leverage team strengths; understanding different personalities in a workplace; leading productive meetings; leveraging strengths in the team
  • Self-awareness – becoming more aware of how you impact upon others around you; expanding your leadership by learning how to more effectively influence key people

Leadership Skills Melbourne: Short course delivered in-house

INVESTMENT : With 5 participants, cost would be $600 per participant. Delivered in-company at your Melbourne venue

You manage systems, processes and budgets … But leadership is about people and the quality of the relationships that you build with them in the workplace.leadership training Melbourne

Yes, you must be able to deliver good business outcomes – but this must be balanced with a concern for the welfare and well-being of the people you lead.

This is one of the keys to building a sustainable business – achieving the right balance between a focus on both results and relationships.

Participant feedback ….

Here’s what one course participant said about what they learned from our recent course ….

” I’ve gained a lot of ideas that I know will help me to be more effective in leading the team – but also a better understanding of how I need to adjust the way I manage the different individuals in my team. And I feel more confident about how to discuss performance issues with staff, if they arise – which was something I tended to put-off and avoid in the past”

Our Leadership Training course is delivered in-house for your organisation and content can be further tailored to the experience levels of your staff …….The course has a practical edge to it, plenty of group interaction and provides opportunities for skills practice within an encouraging environment.

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Click on Leadership Qualities, for some great video clips about what people say they expect from those in leadership positions