Building effective teamwork in the workplace

We design and facilitate customised Team Building workshops for organisations based in Melbourne, that help work-groups work  together more effectively.

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Improving your teamwork begins with taking a step back and evaluating how well you are all working together – so that can equally reaffirm your strengths as well as identify potential opportunities for improvement.

Improved teamwork can mean a more engaging work environment for employees – and can offer your organisation significant flow-on benefits in at least three key areas –  

  1. Productivity
  2. Quality of service delivery.
  3. Engagement of individual team members

Tailored team building sessions

 The duration and focus of the workshops can be customised to address the outcomes you want to achieve with your team.

Sometimes, team-development can simply be about having a bit of fun together, to help re-build camaraderie However, sustained teamwork requires more than this …… The team can often benefit from exploring themes such as……

  • Re-visiting the common purpose of the team
  • Ensuring there is a shared understanding of the roles of each team member – and that expectations are clear
  • Understanding and respecting individual differences
  • Techniques for dealing constructively with conflict in the team
  • Appreciating the capabilities and skills within the team
  • Improving the productivity of team-meetings
  • Encouraging more open communication between team members
  • Team decision making and the value of some robust discussion

Designing the right process is important – and just as important is ensuring you have the right facilitator

An experienced team building facilitator

Brian Carroll is a very highly experienced corporate team building facilitator based in Melbourne. If there are “pain points” or contentious issues within your team that have been under-mining team effectiveness, then Brian can help you to surface these. Onteamwork5ce issues are acknowledged, then it becomes possible to discuss them in a more open manner so that workable solutions can be found.

Why are we hare? ……. Where are we headed? …….. what’s working and what needs fixing? ….. What are the strengths and weaknesses within our team? ……. How well are we meeting customer expectations? ……. Whatever questions your team needs to reflect upon can be properly guided, with the assistance of an experienced, impartial facilitator.

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It can prove useful to collect data from the team before the team building workshop. We have designed and often use a team development survey that is completed by team-members before the session, evaluating the team against twenty essential teamwork criteria. This helps identify relative strengths and weaknesses within the team dynamic and can provide a focus for the team building workshop

If you are thinking about designing a team building workshop yourself, then have a look at our page, Team Building Tips, ….. And by the way, if you are looking for a fun energiser to use as an activity for a team event, then check this one out –

But does it work – is it worth the time?

Research by social scientists at the University of Central Florida, “Does Team Building Work” found that positive benefits can be achieved for groups – provided that it is not invasive, awkward or unnaturally forced. Team building when facilitated effectively, can lead to better working relationships and improved problem solving within a group.