One day Customer Service Skills course delivered in-company

We offer a highly interactive one day customer service course in Melbourne for your organisation, that will refresh the skills and outlook of your front line staff. The focus and the course duration can be tailored to your requirements.

This highly engaging  Customer Service training will remind your staff of the expectations that your customers have of them. The course will refresh the skills they need for dealing positively with some of the demanding customers and difficult situations they regularly face.customer service training Melbourne

The benchmark for service delivery has increased significantly over the past few years and customer expectations of your service staff are higher than ever before.

This training will help to ensure that your front-line teams are provided with the interpersonal techniques that they need to meet these higher standards of service on a consistent basis.

The content and duration of the course can be tailored to your needs, but common themes explored are …

  • Understanding the expectations of your customers
  • Procedural versus personal dimensions of customer service
  • Moments of truth in the service cycle that have the biggest impact on the customer’s experience
  • Creating a positive and professional first impression in the eyes of your customer
  • Telephone etiquette : answering, holding, and transferring calls
  • Why do customers complain and get angry
  • Tips for remaining calm in a heated situation
  • Learning to apply the disarming power of empathy
  • Applying problem solving skills to deal with an aggrieved customer
  • Using customer complaints to improve service delivery
  • Developing resilience and retaining a positive attitude
  • Working effectively with others in your team – giving and receiving support

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Our customer service training has been delivered to a wide range of both public and private sector organisations. And our course facilitator brings a depth of many years of experience with this training – as well as energy, passion and humour.


  • What is your investment?

As a guide, the cost of our one day customer service course to a group of up to 12 of your staff and delivered in-company on your site in or near Melbourne, is around $3,100 + gst – inclusive of  participant notes

We can deliver the training to regional areas of Victoria, with some additional travelling costs.

Here is what one of our clients in local government said recently about some customised Customer Service training we delivered for their organisation ….

” I was thrilled with the day and more to the point – the staff, my CEO and our directors all thought it was spot on as well”

Glen Bernoth
Manager Community Relations
Corangamite Shire