Quick tips for starting your business

If you are looking for some simple tips and advice to help you in starting and running a small business, then read on …

You should only go into your own small business if you are a self-starter and you have a willingness to learn. The early days of establishing your business can be both an exciting and yet also quite exhausting time.

Your early enthusiasm is borne from the potential opportunities that you see in the marketplace. It is this enthusiasm that will fuel your willingness to work hard and invest long working hours in bringing your ideas and plans to the execution phase.

During the first year, your business plan is an essential key to keeping yourself on-track and maintaining a sense of direction. Here are some quick small business tips for helping you during the formative stages of the business life-cycle …..

  1. Maintain a balanced lifestyle. You need to be careful that your enthusiasm doesn’t cause you to burn yourself out. You will be running a marathon, so don’t throw everything into a sprint, remember to pace yourself and ensure you take time to exercise, eat well and get the sleep that you need. This will help you maintain the positive attitude you need to face the every-day challenges of running a small business. There’s a terrific article you might find of interest Your Attitude – friend or foe to your small business
  2. Seek customer input. You did your research when preparing your business plan in understanding your customers and their buying patterns, but continue to seek feedback from them and gain a deeper insight into their needs and expectations. Particularly encourage suggestions from customers as to how you can improve the product or service delivery
  3. Network. Join a local small business network to tap into moral support from other business owners and also to broaden your network of useful community contacts, who could well become potential customers or suppliers for your business
  4. Leverage the internet. One of the best small business tips I can offer you from my own personal experience is to seek expert advice on how to use internet marketing to increase your business profile in a targeted manner, and the use of search engine optimisation (SEO) to help lift the google ranking of your website. If you are in small business, you ignore the internet at your peril. Also learn more about how you can utilise social media, including Facebook and Twitter, as part of your internet marketing campaign. Ensure you speak with several SEO potential suppliers before locking yourself in with one provider, because prices vary considerably. A great site with plenty of tips for getting your small business online is Digital Business, offered by the Australian government.

On this particular theme of internet marketing for small business, if you realise that this is something that you have not given much thought to, then have a look at this video clip. The speaker (a marketing consultant from Sydney) offers some simple advice and affordable ideas on ways that you can approach on-line marketing for your small business

A useful resource site, full of articles, tips and interviews to help you in starting up, running and then growing your small business, is The Age Small Business Start Up

Another great site with video clips and informative articles full of small business tips, and also featuring Kochie, is Small Business Builders

If you’re looking at growing your business and thinking about hiring new staff – then make sure you read this first – Hiring Tips for Small Business

The small business entrepreneur needs persistence

In the following short video clip, Brian Tracy shares an important tip for those entering into small business – the majority of entrepreneurs who become successful in fact do not get it right their first time. He says you have to be willing to give it a go, get good advice, take a calculated risk, and then learn from experience.

As you gain more information and insight, you will very likely change course – but that doesn’t mean you failed in what you set out to do!

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Growing Your Small Business

Over time, once your new business survives past the first year or two, then your focus will move beyond just surviving and you will start thinking about growing your business. Here’s a short video clip that explores the importance of investing time in “working on your business instead of in your business”