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Leadership training Melbourne – management courses Melbourne

Management Course – Leadership Training Melbourne

Management & Leadership Skills course – Feb 14, 15  – 2019

In this intensive short management course you will gain leadership tools and people management skills in delegation, performance coaching, motivation, influence, resilience, effective communication and team building. Just as importantly, you will gain a deeper level of self-awareness in terms of how you impact upon others.

 Throughout the two days of this highly interactive management course, you will gain personal insights and practical techniques that you can start applying immediately to help you get the best out of yourself as a leader. You will take-away ideas and actions that you can use to increase team productivity in the workplace.

During the course, we do not cover useless theory – we focus on people management skills with real-world application. You will develop your leadership capability, self-awareness and confidence to deliver great results through your team. Phone or text 0430 972 578 to enquire. Course investment per attendee is $850 + gst.  Learn more about (click on) our next management course

If your organisation has 5 or more staff to attend, we can deliver this Leadership course in-house for you.

leadership training Melbourne

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