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We offer recruitment training in Melbourne that will improve the ability of your managers to prepare and conduct a fair, thorough and structured selection interview.

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If you’re in any type of leadership or management position, then you will know how crucial it is to have jobs filled by the best people with the right capabilities. This means hiring people who can “walk the talk” and not just “talk the talk”.

The objective of any recruitment and selection process within an organisation is to provide an impartial way of measuring     applicants against the requirements of the job – so ultimately the right person will be selected.. However, this requires skill in being able to gather and interpret accurate and current data about an applicant’s capabilities and limitations.

All too often interviewers discover too late that they have failed to get beyond “rehearsed” replies from an interviewee and that they have selected the wrong person, who simply doesn’t “fit” either the job, the team or the organisation’s culture.

You need a combination of sound recruitment policies, procedures and practices. Managers need to be appropriately trained, so they can apply effective interviewing techniques and make defensible decisions around hiring and promoting the best people. Best practice recruitment now-days incorporates behavioural interviewing techniques and work-sampling methods.

Recruitment training in Melbourne

Our highly interactive course (either half day or one day duration) is delivered in-house and the course content for “Recruitment & Selection Interviewing” is tailored to your needs. This training  has been successfully delivered to over 350 hiring managers within the Victorian Department of Justice & Community Services during the past three years. The course explores the following themes……

  • Avoiding the cost of poor selection or poor promotion processes
  • Attracting quality candidates
  • The use of selection criteria to drive the selection process
  • Applying the principles of “merit and equity” to recruitment
  • Ensuring reasonably uniform interviewing conditions – preparing a structure
  • Designing behavioural questions
  • Questions that can and can’t be legally asked
  • Working as part of an interview panel, so as to reduce the risk of unconscious bias
  • Assessment methods such as planned simulations and skill tests
  • Managing the pace of the interview
  • Interviewing techniques for probing and exploring responses to questions
  • The consistent application of an applicant rating method
  • Conducting a thorough and independent referee check as part of the verification process

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What’s your investment?

As a guide, for a group of perhaps ten participants, a half-day training workshop  delivered on your site in Melbourne, will cost around $2,500 + gst.  The presenter  brings 25+ years of recruitment experience – and the session has a practical focus aligned to your organisation’s recruitment process and policy. This training helps you to avoid the cost of poor recruitment. The one day course offers even more opportunity for skills practice and costs $3,750 + gst

If you are wanting the course to be delivered in Canberra, check out Selection Interview training Canberra

  • HR Consultants

In addition to recruitment training, we are also highly experienced in HR consultancy – and can assist your organisation in developing or reviewing your HR policies and processes – particularly in recruitment and selection

If you are wanting some quick interviewing tips, you might like to have a look at our page How To Conduct the Job Interview

“I’ve learned that when you’re looking for people to hire, you should look for three key qualities: Integrity, Intelligence, and Energy. But if you don’t have the first, the other two can kill you….. Think about it; it’s true. If you end up hiring somebody without integrity, it’s probably better that they be dumb and lazy.”     

Warren  Buffett