Outlook Training for your workplace – Canberra

We can design tailored Outlook training and various Productivity Training courses and deliver in-house programs for your organisation or government department based in Canberra.

Productivity training in Canberra

Your staff can learn how to more confidently use all of the productivity tools available to them.

So if you are looking for a training solution delivered in your workplace that will empower your staff and help them develop better and easier ways to work, then call Brian – phone 0430 972 578   

A variety of program topics are offered. All have a focus on providing your staff with the knowledge, skills and confidence to utilise a range of different software tools. The programs can be delivered at either Introductory or more Advanced levels.

Our trainer is highly experienced with both Outlook and other MS products – having won prestigious awards from Microsoft in recognition of her abilities and expertise.

The courses all have a practical focus – and require participants to bring along their laptop to the training – because so much of the training is “hands-on“.

Software tools for example:

  • Outlook training – Email management

    Either introductory or advanced level Outlook training courses – showing your staff how to set up the right rules and filters, use calendar, organise and more efficiently control the flood of emails they receive. There are many features of Outlook that can help to maximise productivity – but for many staff in the workplace who have been self-taught, these capabilities remain hidden. Alternatively, perhaps you have updated to a newer version of Outlook (2013 or 2016) – and simply want to help your staff become more familiar with the newer features.

  • MS Project Training  

    Level 1 or level 2 training – using either 2010 or 2013 version –  for staff who may have project management responsibility and need to be capable of using the various software functions, to assist in setting up, scheduling, tasking and reporting on projects.

  • MS OneNote

    If your staff are using a tablet, this one day OneNote training workshop will introduce them to the features of OneNote that can be used to make their life so much easier

  • MS Excel

    Our Excel training courses are tailored to the experience level of your team – and will show your staff how they can collect, collate and present data in the most efficient way. Whether it is the basics of setting up the cells in a spreadsheet – or understanding how to create formulas and functions – the training can identify and build on their existing knowledge.

  • MS Office

    Whether it is PowerPoint, Word or Excel – there are many tricks, shortcuts and tips that can make life easier for your staff

  • Time Management

A half-day course with tips and techniques on planning ahead, prioritising, controlling interruptions, avoiding procrastination and leveraging personal energy.

What do our Outlook training and other Productivity programs cost – in Canberra?

Canberra-training in Outlook

Enquiries Phone – 0430 972 578

All of our training courses aim to be cost-effective.

As a guide only, if it were a one day course that was being delivered on your site in Canberra, to a group of up to ten of your staff, the total cost will be around $2,500 + gst . This cost is inclusive of participant notes and the availability of some reasonable post-course phone assistance for participants.

Outlook and Productivity consultancy

We can also assist you to evaluate your workflows and determine if there are more efficient processes for delivering your business outcomes. Give us a call to discuss what you are wanting to achieve – 0430 972 578 . 

For example, we have completed consulting projects with several government departments that involved workflow process re-engineering where shared mailboxes were being used by work-groups –  and more efficient rules, filters and categories were designed for Outlook.

Canberra training

In-house training delivered in Canberra

If you were wanting one-one Outlook coaching for an Executive or perhaps an Executive Assistant, then a half-day session would be around $750 + gst. The session on your site in Canberra, would focus on identifying and addressing the organisational / email management needs of the individual.

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