Interview Performance Development

Hi there, my name is Brian Carroll and I’m the founder of a consulting business called Performance Development.  Brian Carroll

The business over the past several years has begun to specialise in offering interview coaching and interview preparation services, becoming Interview Performance Development. Some of the consulting services offered in the past included-

Corporate Training

We offer a wide range of short courses that cover business capabilities such as Management Skills, Presentation Skills, Negotiating Skills and Project Management for example. All training can be tailored to the needs of the client – either in terms of course duration or course content. Many of our clients are based in Melbourne, however we have delivered programs throughout Australia. For example, Productivity & Outlook Training in Canberra

Recruitment & Selection Skills

Services include for example reviewing your recruitment and selection policies, processes and practices. Traditional recruitment often places too much emphasis upon the interview – often with a consequence that the good “salesperson” is appointed ahead of the genuinely “best person”……. We can offer expert guidance on how to add more robustness to your selection process (you might be our Recruitment & Selection Interviewing Skills training course, that we deliver in-company)

We can offer recommendations on how you might utilise other methods such as skills testing, simulations and group interviews as in order to endure you are making effective assessments of candidates

Established for more than twenty years in Melbourne, Australia – our training courses are all carefully designed with a practical focus and are delivered in an engaging way. Participants gain tools, tips and personal insights that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

We have delivered training or provided consulting services to a wide range of public and private sector organisations such as Department of Justice, Department of Defence, ANZ, Computershare, Yarra Valley Water, Barwon Water and Moonee Valley City Council for example

By way of background, I have been a registered psychologist for over 25 years, experienced facilitator and I have an extensive background in business management and human resources. Over the years, I’ve put together a great team of subject-matter experts.