Stress management training for building resilience

This half day Stress Management training course is delivered in-house for organisations in or around Melbourne. The course will enable your staff to gain a range of practical stress management ideas and techniques for building a greater sense of well-being and resilience.

Unrelenting workplace demands are creating stress for many of usstress management course. It is crucial to be able to develop positive routines that build resilience, so as to withstand workplace pressures and continue to deliver good results.

All of this is central to maintaining a healthy sense of balance – to the long term benefit of individual employees and consequently, productivity within the organisation.

Our stress management course is highly interactive and your staff will explore ….

  • How to change old “unhealthy” habits and develop new one’s
  • Maintaining work-life balance for personal well-being
  • Recognising the signs and symptoms of excessive stress
  • Avoiding the straw that can break the camel’s back
  • The impact of stress upon health and performance
  • Common causes of workplace stress, including change, conflict, and work overload
  • Recognising what you can change versus what you must learn to accept
  • Building a “stress-buffer” through relaxation, positive thinking and lifestyle management – positive ways of coping with stress
  • Time management tips for helping to prevent stressful situations

Organisational benefits of effective workplace stress management

1. Reduced risk of injury, caused by inability to concentrate

2. Reduced staff absenteeism, associated with high stress

3. Reduced staff turnover, caused by low morale

This training is offered in-company and can be further tailored to meet your requirements. Executive coaching is also available to support your key people and help them to develop their own stress management strategies and skills for promoting increased well-being.

Brian Carroll is the course facilitator. He is a qualified Melbourne based psychologist and also a very experienced trainer, who delivers the training in a highly engaging and stimulating way. As a registered psychologist, he brings to the training experience a deep understanding of the dynamics of stress and personal change.

You might like to visit our page to view some video clips that feature Stress Management Tips offering a wide range of suggestions on stress reduction methods – as well as how to use guided meditation to help calm the mind and ease anxiety