2 day “Interpersonal Skills for Leaders” course in Melbourne: delivered in-house

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This two day training course is highly engaging and is well-suited to anyone who is somewhat new to a management, leadership or supervisory role. For participants wanting to improve their interpersonal and social skills, as well as their confidence and capability to lead a team, this course will provide a firm launching pad for success in their leadership career path.

Adjusting to performing a team leadership or management role requires an understanding that your success is no longer being measured purely by your own output, but instead it is determined by the output and productivity of the people whom you lead. Learning to manage people can become just as rewarding as technical accomplishments….. once you get the hang of how to handle people.

This two day course has a very practical focus, and is delivered in-house for organisations, Participants will gain more confidence by developing interpersonal skills in Leadership, Motivation, Communication, Performance Management, Delegation, Team Building, Influence and Self-awareness.

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Our “Interpersonal Skills for Leaders” training course will provide participants with the guidance and essential tools needed to succeed. Participants learn to look at the workplace through the eyes of a leader and recognise their role in delivering outcomes through people.

Develop Your Leadership

  • Common challenges experienced by new managers – transitioning to a management role
  • Learning to achieve results through guiding, directing and engaging your staff
  • Looking at issues from the perspective of a manager – the longer term focus
  • The qualities of effective leaders; evaluating your own leadership strengths and style
  • Different styles of leadership and when to apply them
  • Learning to let go of the details when a team member has shown they deserve your trust

Build Team Effectiveness

  • Why and how to engage the team in decision making
  • Tips for leading productive team meetings
  • Evaluate the dynamics of your own workgroup
  • Recognise different personality types / communication styles and how you might need to adjust your approach when dealing with them

Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Effective communication and listening skills
  • How to delegate, to leverage the strengths of your staff – and avoid delegation pitfalls
  • Managing time and stress effectively; essential routines
  • Managing your career and on-going development

Managing People’s Performance

  • Recruiting and retaining good staff
  • Coaching and feedback skills for the manager
  • Dealing with performance problems confidently and constructively

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Our 2 day management course could enable you to gain points towards your Professional Development training requirements

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