Outlook Training – gain control of emails

This practical and hands-on training will provide you with the direction you need in order to deal with one of the major challenges of the modern workplace …… How to cope with the massive volume of e-mail communication that assails us on a daily basis. email management training Melbourne

The result for many people is they become overloaded and overwhelmed ! Further compounding this problem is that may people in today’s workplace have not received adequate (if any) email management training.

Recent studies reveal that most white collar workers spend 70% of their day on just three major activities – e-mail, meetings, and the constant search for new or stored information. Much of this time is wasted! In fact, the Wall Street Journal has reported that

“White collar workers waste 40% of their day not because they are not smart but because they were never taught the organising skills to function in the modern workplace!”

The Challenge for Your Business

Although e-mail and information overload is widely recognised as a problem, it tends to be accepted as a nuisance and a ‘cost of doing business’ without realising the severe impact it has on organisational performance, individual productivity and work-life balance. ……. So much of our e-mail and other information arrives as an interruption; uninvited, unexpected and burdening us with more tasks and what seems a constant flow of new “inputs” into our planning. However, most people are failing to use the capabilities in Outlook that can help them regain control through more effective email management

Email Management Training Solutions

 Outlook training and email management training in Melbourne can show your staff how to deal effectively with e-mail on a daily basis – with benefits to  individual performance, productivity and morale. It will reduce many of the ‘hidden’ costs associated with current inefficient e-mail management practices

  • E-mail Productivity Audit

How does your organisation measure how effectively your people currently use e-mail? One of the first steps is to complete an audit that will give an accurate ‘snapshot’ of the current issues, measuring and highlighting the key areas that need to be addressed.

  • Email Management Training

A half-day training workshop for a group of up to eight people, that provides a range of highly practical and easily implemented ‘best practice’ e-mail and information management strategies that will significantly reduce the amount of time spent in reading and handling e-mail.

Participants bring their laptops and receive “hands-on” no-nonsense practical training that will help to improve their personal productivity by clearly showing them …..

  1. How to set up rules, filters and folders in Outlook that will enable them to more efficiently prioritise, store and retrieve their email.
  2. Tips on effectively writing and structuring their message when sending emails
  3. How to develop email management routines that can fit a broader time management strategy for themselves
  • What does it cost?

As a guide to cost, the half-day on-site training session in Melbourne, delivered for up to ten participants is around $2,250 + gst. The training has also been delivered in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra – and in regions around Victoria – travel expenses are an additional cost.

Executive Coaching in Email Management

One-on-one individual executive coaching sessions tailored to suit an individual’s e-mail strengths and weaknesses, as well as their personal work habits and preferences. Coaching can include an executive together with their PA/EA to improve the way they work together to achieve better outcomes. As a guide to cost, a 2 hour on-site session within Melbourne is around $700 + gst.  However we also offer local training and coaching in Canberra Outlook training

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