Stress is a fact of life now-days. With all of the the hustle and bustle of a changing, uncertain workplace combined with demands that can arise in our personal lives – it can be easy to start feeling overwhelmed. Gaining a variety of simple stress management tips and techniques is important if we are to maintain a sense of control and develop the resilience we need to positively deal with life’s inevitable challenges.

This short video clip shows a powerpoint presentation that offers ten excellent stress management tips for both coping with and preventing stress

Change The Way You Look At Things

Wayne Dyer is one of the most respected personal development authors in the world today. In this video clip, he delivers an entertaining talk about the power of changing our perspective on things, so as to reduce our stress and develop a greater sense of being in control.

By adjusting our thinking and mental outlook as a stress management strategy, he argues that we can actually change our experience of the world …..

Ways Of Coping With Stress

Many of us experience stress at work. This brief clip offers some simple and yet practical tips on stress management in the workplace

View our page on Stress Management Training, if your organisation is thinking of offering internal staff an in-house stress management course.

Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety and stress often go hand in hand. And like stress, some level of anxiety is inevitable in life – most of us can feel nervous at some stage when faced with a new or unfamiliar situation that has importance attached to it. For example, if we are asked to deliver a presentation at work, then some public speaking nervousness and anxiety will be felt by many of us.

However for some people, anxiety is experienced as a chronic problem and can be associated with regular and intense feelings of panic and terror. This brief video clip sheds some insight into the nature of these deeper anxiety disorders.

Introduction to Meditation – by Dr Deepak Chopra

In this short video clip, one of the world’s leading figures in stress management, wellness and personal development shares some of his personal insights into the nature of meditation and how to use meditation to calm the mind ….

Mindfulness Meditation

Dr Joe Parisi leads a calming and peaceful meditation, based upon the principles of mindfulness. The gentle process is based upon a method of stress management that achieves relaxation of the mind and body by focusing upon your breath and bringing your awareness into the here and now.  I hope that you enjoy the simple exercise

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