Growth and making changes in your life

Many of us at some point in our life decide that we want to change something about ourselves that we’re not happy with. Some people decide they will change their lifestyle, others become motivated to change a negative personal habit. You might possibly decide that you want to develop a new quality within yourself, such as cultivating greater patience or focus in your quest for self-improvement.

But how often have you found that making the decision to change was the relatively easy part of the process – actually achieving the change was quite elusive. Breaking habits that may have been with you for years is certainly not easy.personal change

For example, have you ever made a New Year’s resolution to change something in yourself – and at the time of making the decision, you were full of resolve and determination. Maybe you resolved that you were going to exercise more, or you were going to eat less take-away food, or you were going to spend more time with your family. And yet, within a couple of  weeks you were back to your old ways and eventually gave up trying to make the change because it all seemed just too hard?

So, what does it take then? ……. On this page, there are some carefully selected video clips that offer insight and advice that may help you to better understand the dynamics of achieving personal change …

The day your life turns around : self-disgust can be a motivator

This short video offers some inspiration that may assist you with your journey of personal change and self-improvement. It features Jim Rohn, who was a highly respected motivational speaker. His topic is the day that can turn your life around …..Would you believe that self-disgust can become a powerful motivator for change?


Personal change requires accepting responsibility

In the following short clip, personal development author Jack Canfield speaks about the need to accept responsibility for where you are in your life, and the need to give up making excuses. Perhaps there is a wake-up a call that reminds us that if we want things to improve, then the time for action is now ….

Personal change and dealing with inner demons (fears)

This short clip offers a metaphor around making changes in your life. The analogy is that you may spend your life steering your boat in a particular direction – one that is “comfortable”. Once you start attempting to navigate a different course, then previously dormant fears and anxieties may come to the surface. You are stretching your comfort zone  and these fears will attempt to control you and scare you into “playing safe”. But once you acknowledge these fears and accept them as unhelpful thoughts that very likely have no real basis or truth, then you can move freely again in the direction that you choose.

The loving push to personal change

We sometimes can get stuck, and need a gentle push from someone who cares about us in order to start the personal change process and begin to achieve our true potential

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