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Our intensive one day Presentation Skills training course in Melbourne will equip your key staff with the skills and techniques necessary to deliver their message with confidence and poise. They will also learn to manage any public speaking nerves.

Participants receive expert guidance and direction in how to prepare and structure their message, as well as how to present it with clarity and influence.

The one day course is delivered in-company, and offers plenty of opportunity for presentation skills practice within a small group – so participants gain the feedback they need to improve their presentation skills. Phone Brian on – 0430 972 578 to enquire

When delivering any type of presentation, if you want your message to gain any type of traction – then you must be seen to deliver it with clarity, conviction and authority. Course participants learn what it takes to achieve this in their presentations …

Our presentation course is usually limited to eight participants, and uses video feedback to accelerate coaching for skill development.

In-house Presentation Skills course in Melbourne

The training is delivered in-company for organisations. Course content can be tailored around the public speaking experience of your group, but usually explores themes such as …..

  • Preparing thoroughly for your business presentation
  • Define your outcomes : are you seeking to inform or to inspire
  • How to develop and structure your presentation content
  • Presentation techniques for grabbing attention with a strong opening
  • Adding some pizzazz to your public speaking style
  • The design and effective use of power-point in your presentation
  • Responding confidently to difficult questions from your audience
  • Managing nerves and anxiety associated with public speaking
  • Dealing positively with awkward presentation situations

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As a Melbourne based training consultant, Brian Carroll brings more than twenty years experience delivering over one hundred business presentations every year, to a wide variety of different audience groups.

Presentation skills coaching is also available, if your organisation has key people who may benefit from expert guidance to assist them in either preparing or rehearsing for a forthcoming crucial business presentation

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