Finding Your Purpose – the “why” in your life

Do you ever find yourself wondering if there’s more to life than what you have been experiencing? Perhaps you’ve been feeling vaguely lost in some way – and  you’ve been searching for a sense of deeper meaning or yearning to feel that what you’re doing is connected to some type of Higher Purpose? ….. But the search for finding direction and gaining clarity all seems so elusive for you so far?inspirequotepurpose_003

Or maybe you’ve been feeling a sense of creeping despair that you’re caught up in a rut and not knowing how the hell to get out of it?

I have come across many people over the years who at first appearances, seem to lead quite successful lives -….They have good well-paying jobs and all the material trappings of success.

And yet these same people have confided in me that there remains deep within them a sense of emptiness, a feeling that there is meant to be something more ….. But they can’t quite put their finger on what is missing.

Scientific research in the emerging field of positive psychology has confirmed that people who feel a sense of purpose in their lives report significantly higher levels of  well-being, happiness and fulfillment (no surprise there).

Purpose is what inspires people to persevere with their struggles – it fuels a power and determination that keeps people moving forward. It provides the rock-solid foundation for the conviction that any struggle or suffering is worth it. With clarity of purpose, you possess a quiet faith and confidence that you will eventually be able to navigate your way through any stormy seas

In the following quite long video clip, Rick Warren shares some thoughts from his best selling book, “A Purpose Driven Life”.

Where to look for meaning in your life

So, what are some of the signposts that might help you in your search to connect with your life purposelife purpose

Wise counsellors suggest that your life purpose will be something that:….
i)   You feel passionate about
ii)  You are naturally good at
iii) You already love to do
iv)  Is important to you

By taking time to reflect upon the above four points, you can then generate a list of activities and from these activities, you might well find clues as to where your life purpose will be

And if there’s one thing that I have noticed about those people who feel they have found their life purpose and are living in alignment with it – it’s this …….

They all carry a big smile and seem so abundantly happy! …. They have an unshakable faith that they are here for a reason and typically they believe they have been blessed with gifts and opportunities that enable them to help others in some way. They feel connected to a cause that is greater than themselves – and it energises them!

And that is my wish for you …..that you find a way of harnessing your strengths and innate talents so that you can best serve others – and in doing so, you will enjoy all of the rewards, prosperity and fulfillment that you deserve.

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Here’s a short TED video in which the speaker offers five key questions that he asserts will help you to connect with your sense of purpose

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