You can learn to be more assertive

If you are wanting to become more assertive, then I think you will find this short video clip offers some useful ideas on what it takes to develop improved assertiveness.

There are six points presented, and the tag ASSERT is used as a basis for presenting and remembering the ideas. For example,

Assertiveness tip 1 : A for Assess the situation that is causing you stress, conflict or frustration. Step back and ask yourself if it could be improved by you being more assertive. Some things can’t be changed, and we just have to learn to adapt and make the best of it

There will be some unfair situations that we encounter in life that cannot be changed, whether we are assertive or not. Let’s call these situations a “given” – and we need to be able to recognise in these types of circumstances that it’s wiser to accept that’s the way it is, and learn how to move on

Assertiveness tip 2 : If you have assessed that the situation can be changed, then be willing to Speak up and explain your needs or concerns. Maybe you haven’t really been clear to other people about what you are wanting, or that you aren’t happy with what’s happening

Assertiveness Tip 3 : Stand up tall and straight. In other words, even if you might not be feeling particularly confident inside yourself, never-the-less appear confident and look sure of yourself by standing up straight and looking people in the eye when you have something to say!

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To be more assertive, change the way you think

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