Presentation course Melbourne

This intensive and highly engaging one day Presentation Skills training course will show you how to prepare and deliver your business presentation with confidence and poise. presentation training Melbourne

You will learn how to make your message memorable.

If you suffer from public speaking anxiety, our one day intensive Presentation course in Melbourne will help you gain control over those nerves. You will gain techniques to help you get your message across to your audience more effectively…..

presentation course Melbourne Present with confidence and poise

presentation training Engage your audience

presentation skills course Melbourne Ensure your message has impact

One of the things about delivering a business presentation is that it is not just what you say that counts – just as important is how you say it. You need to be able to present your message with poise and confidence if you are wanting to achieve positive outcomes with your audience

  • Delivered in-company

The course is delivered in-house for your company ……. When you have three or more staff who would benefit from this training, up to a maximum of six per group, then we come to your site in or around Melbourne. The course uses video feedback to provide you with coaching that will help you achieve intensive skill development.

  • Cost

 The course fee is $500 + gst per employee (minimum of 3 participants)

  • What does our Presentation Skills course cover?

– How to prepare for your business presentation

– Define your outcomes : to inform or to be persuasive

– How to structure your presentation content

– Techniques for grabbing attention with a strong opening

– Add some pizzazz to your public speaking style

– Make your message more memorable

– The design and use of power-point in your presentation

– Respond confidently to difficult questions from an audience

– Manage any nerves and anxiety about public speaking

– Deal positively with awkward presentation situations

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As a Melbourne based training consultant, Brian Carroll brings more than twenty years experience delivering over one hundred business presentations every year, to a wide variety of different audience groups.

Presentation skills and public speaking coaching is also available, if your organisation has key people who may benefit from expert guidance to assist them in either preparing or rehearsing for a forthcoming crucial business presentation

For some great presentation tips and some good practical advice on designing and delivering an effective presentation, visit our page Presentation Tips