The key “nuts and bolts” measure of the effectiveness of any training program is the extent to which there is successful transfer of learning back in the workplace – resulting in improved work performance.learning transfer to the workplace

Whilst you probably want your people to enjoy their experience on the training course, your primary concern is no doubt that your organization will receive a proper return on its training investment

Our corporate training courses are all designed with a practical focus, and to encourage  and support participants to apply what they have learned back to the workplace.

There are a number of ways we encourage the application of learning ….

  1. Comprehensive learning application plans (short and longer term) are completed by participants upon conclusion of all our courses. Such planning encompasses participants giving thought to obstacles they may encounter to their learning application, and how these can be dealt with effectively.
  2. Courses are designed following careful consultation with you – so that real workplace problems and issues are addressed – also, exercises and case studies can be written around such workplace issues
  3. During delivery of the course, there is regular discussion about how ideas and techniques can be applied in participant work environments
  4. Pre-course information can be sent to the managers of participants, offering specific tips to them on how they can maximize a return on their training investment, and how to conduct a pre-course briefing and post-course de-briefing with their people
  5. Follow up phone support is readily available to course participants and their managers, to help deal with any workplace application difficulties that may be experienced.
  6. Planned individual contact and additional coaching can be built into the design of the process – as can workplace projects that require demonstrated transfer of learning to the workplace.

Have a look at our Corporate Training page to see the range of training courses that we can design and deliver in-house for your organisation. You might be interested in our training philosophy that reveals some of the values that underpin our approach as well