Negotiation and influencing skills training in Melbourne & Canberra 

Is your organisation or government department looking for in-house training to develop the Influencing and Negotiating skills of your key people? …. Empower your staff  when they are negotiating with stakeholders by ensuring they have been properly trained in how to prepare for and confidently manage the negotiation process.

Although your key people are probably producing more wins than losses in their negotiations, with further training maybe they could be negotiating even better outcomes for your business or department.

We offer a highly engaging either one or two day negotiation course which we deliver in-house. The course is jam-packed full of negotiation tips and techniques that participants can begin to apply immediately back in the workplace.

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Our Negotiation Training encourages a collaborative approach to negotiation and the building of relationships. However, the course will also equip participants with both the strategies and the confidence to deal with parties who may adopt a more combative and manipulative negotiating style.

The course shows participants how to gain agreement when:

tick_red_000 Negotiating with customers

tick_red_001 Influencing project stakeholders

 tick_red_002Negotiating with  suppliers or

tick_red_002 Influencing peers and co-workers

This short negotiation training course will enable your staff to become more confident and more capable in managing the “give and take” of the negotiating process. The course offers plenty of skill practice opportunity, together with individual coaching. So if your organisation is in either Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra – we can deliver it in-house for you. Enquire now – 0430 972 578

An intensive negotiation skills course covering

  • The core influencing skills required for effective negotiation
  • Recognising different influencing and negotiating styles
  • Developing flexibility and adjusting your negotiating approach to different people or circumstances
  • Sources of power
  • Presenting your proposals with greater impact and persuasion
  • Questioning and probing skills to uncover underlying interests from stated positions
  • The use and misuse of threats and pressure in negotiation
  • Sending and receiving negotiating signals
  • Negotiation deadlocks and how to deal with them
  • How to avoid common negotiating pitfalls when trading concessions
  • How to build trust and a collaborative climate during the negotiation
  • Manipulative negotiating tactics to watch out for

An experienced course presenter

The course facilitator is just as important as the course content…… Brian Carroll, brings more than twenty years of business experience in delivering Influencing and Negotiating Skills training to a wide variety of both public and private sector organisations.  You don’t want the facilitator approaching this as an academic or theoretical exercise – you do want a presenter who brings a strong depth of commercial and real-world business acumen. Furthermore, as a qualified psychologist Brian brings a deep insight into the dynamics of facilitating real behaviour change in people/

Negotiation & Influencing Skills training delivered in Canberra 2018 – for government

In May & June 2018, negotiation training was delivered for the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Canberra (2 day intensive courses for Executive Level 1 & 2’s). More recently, another two day intensive course for EL’s and senior APS staff  involved in contract management was delivered for the Australian Department of Human Services at their head-office in Canberra…… Additionally, the one day course is regularly delivered in Melbourne for the Victorian Department of Justice & Regulation.

What does it cost?

As a guide to cost, if you have a group of up to twelve staff and are based in Melbourne or Canberra, the cost of a one day in-house course is around $3,500 + gst – inclusive of all participant notes.

The cost of the two day intensive course is $7,000 + gst. (inclusive of all travel expenses and workbooks) – equating to approx. $585 + gst per participant.  This highly engaging course provides plenty of skill practice opportunities supported by coaching and expert guidance – challenging participants to further extend their “comfort zone” and deepen their self-awareness.

Contact Brian to discuss the Negotiation Training needs of your organisation or government department – mob. 0430 972 578