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  Handling The Job Interview With Confidence

Applying and presenting for the job interview can be a daunting process – but there are some proven practices that can help. Remember that the purpose of the job interview is to determine whether your skills, qualifications and personal style fit the requirements of the position you are seeking. It is up to you to prepare thoroughly, so that you can present yourself in the best possible light to the interview panel and convince them that you are the best candidate………

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  Assertive Time Management

Many people are feeling increasingly pressured from a workplace in which they perceive that unreasonable demands are often being placed upon them. Click the link below to read our article on saying no to unreasonable demands……

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  Discussing Performance Concerns With Your Staff

When you are faced with a situation in which it appears that a staff member has not been meeting your expectations, and that reasonable performance standards are not being met by them, then you need to raise your concerns immediately with your employee. However, the way in which you prepare for and manage such a discussion will determine whether the exchange proves to be either constructive or destructive to the on-going working relationship between the two of you. The following article offers some suggestions about how to approach such a discussion …….

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  Effective Delegation

Many managers operate on the mistaken belief that they have enough time to do everything. This is indeed a myth, because we are working in an era where what is asked of us by stakeholders is typically greater than our own personal capabilities.Many managers operate on the mistaken belief that they have enough time to do everything. This is indeed a myth, because …..

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  Assertive Behaviour

Some people confuse assertiveness with aggression, and think that to assert yourself is to stand one’s ground and argue a point without compromise. …..

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  Tips for Giving Feedback

Providing performance feedback should be an on-going process, a way of offering your colleague some information and helping him or her to recognise when some change in behaviour or performance is needed. ……..

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  Planning To Take Control

Planning is the key to exercising greater control in your life. Everyone has to plan in order to achieve the things they want. It may be a plan for tomorrows’ work or next years vacation. When you make a plan, you are of course aiming to define a course of action within a certain time frame that will enable you to achieve your goals in the easiest and most efficient possible manner……….

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  Negotiating Effectively …. Some quick tips

Good negotiators have mastered the art of give and take – they properly assess the needs of the other party, consider their own needs and then nicely judge the making and seeking of concessions so as to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. …….

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