Is your company looking for either a Business Writing course or a Report Writing course? We can tailor and deliver an in-house Business Writing training solution that will help develop the written communication skills of your staff.

This course shows your staff how to compose and clearly convey their ideas in the written form – in a time efficient manner

Our business writing course is highly interactive, with plenty of editing exercises that provide skills practice. The course can either be general in nature, or it can focus on…..

– how to write business correspondence

– how to write reports

– how to prepare bids, proposals and tenders

  • Poor writing is bad for business

There is no doubt that the image of your organisation can be damaged if the business writing skills of your staff are inadequate.

The use of poor structure, sloppy grammar, cluttered layout or the wrong tone in either an email or written report can lead to a customer or stakeholder losing confidence in the writer.

  • Project a professional image

Our highly interactive one day Business Writing training course will introduce your staff to ten important business writing principles – which they will practice applying to their written work.

The course is delivered in-house for companies in or around Melbourne. It is very much tailored to the needs of your organisation. Course content can include the following TOPICS

Written communication in the workplace

The writing process
Problems associated with one way communication
Business writing today
The image you create through your written words

The composing process

The 4 step process
Using spider-grams to organise ideas and to increase speed of writing
Identifying the reader
Composing from the spider-gram and learning to write quickly
The editing process

Principles of effective business writing

Recognising people’s ability to comprehend and retain information
Techniques for adding clarity to your writing …

  • Formatting techniques
  • Main message first
  • Passive / active voice
  • Sentence length and structure
  • Word choice
  • Grammar techniques
  • Positive phraseology
  • Conversation style
  • Personal pronouns

Composing a business case and guidelines for report writing

Overall aim – to focus on the customer needs
Defining the format and style required by the organisation
Organising large amounts of information
Basic proposal report layout – using the template
Using customer terminology
Incorporating a Cost Benefit Analysis
What should be included in the body & what should be in an appendix
Being persuasive
Writing Executive summaries
Editing overlays
Format: the need for uniformity throughout the document
Visual presentation of the proposal

  • Tailored to your workplace

A unique component of our Business Writing course involves participants submitting some pre-course samples of their written work, which helps to ensure the training is designed more closely around individual needs. Extracts of participant written work are used for exercises during the course.

  • What does it cost?

As a broad guide, the cost for in-company delivery of a one day Business Writing Skills training in Melbourne is $3,000 + gst (for up to 12 participants) – please note this includes tailored preparation.

Contact us now  0430 972 578  to discuss how our Business Writing course or our Report Writing course can be delivered in-company for your organisation. We are based in Melbourne but have delivered the courses all around Australia.

Tender writing training and proposal writing training can also be incorporated in the course if required at a small additional extra cost.