Being There – A core leadership quality

You may have heard of the FISH philosophy for delivering great service – one of the core principles is described as”Being there” for your customer, in other words being available and attentive.

Well, the same principle holds equally true as a leader when you deal with your staff. Being there means giving staff your undivided attention when you are meeting with them – it’s about being approachable, patient and a great listener. That way, your staff will more readily offer their ideas, put forward suggestions and express any concerns. Being there is about showing people that you care and respect them.

Seven Qualities of Effective Workplace Leaders

If you are performing a workplace leadership role and seeking to improve your impact, or if you are aspiring to a leadership role and wanting to learn about some of the key qualities that are typically displayed by effective leaders ….. then have a look at the following clip.

In the short video clip, I share some of my observations from having worked in the field of leadership development for over twenty years. Some of the key leadership qualities that I have found displayed by effective leaders in the workplace include …..

1. They listen to the ideas of their staff with an open mind

2. Good leaders display energy and enthusiasm

3. Good leaders show appreciation to their staff for good work

4. Can delegate and let go – showing trust in the abilities of staff

5. Good leaders have an enquiring mind and a hunger to improve

6. Relationships are not sacrificed in the drive for outcomes

7. Stamina, perseverance and optimism during difficult times

A question that has been often heatedly debated for many years is this …… “Are leaders born or made?“.

As thorny a question as this is, my personal view is that each of the seven leadership qualities discussed in the video can be learned and cultivated..

And even though there is likely a genetic factor that does influence the shape of our personality together with our inherent capabilities, I believe that it is more our experiences, environmental conditioning and the outlook that we choose to adopt, that determines whether we ultimately achieve our leadership potential.

I’m reminded of the old saying, “You can’t control the cards that you’re dealt – but you can control how you will play them”

Leadership coaching or participating in a leadership development program are also ways to help you cultivate your leadership capability.

You Don’t Need A Title To Be A Leader

In the following short video clip, Mark Sanborn (the author of the popular book, ” You Don’t Need A Title To Be A Leader”) shares some great advice on what it takes to display effective leadership in the workplace.

He explains that ROI is typically displayed by effective leaders who are respected ……. in other words, they build Relationships, focus on good Outcomes for customers and initiateImprovement in the workplace. This is a great reminder that workplace leadership is less about your position and more about your personal qualities and the impact that you have..

Leadership Development Program

If you are new to a management role or you are aspiring to a management position, and you are seeking to develop your leadership skills – then have a look at our Management Course listing the dates of our public management courses conducted in Melbourne.

The two day management course is also delivered in-house for organisations, and provides participants with plenty of tools and techniques in how to  lead, motivate and develop staff. Leadership coaching is also available to support high performers with the development of their leadership skills.

Improving Your Leadership

Marshall Goldsmith is a highly respected speaker, executive coach and author on Effective Leadership Skills, and in this short clip he explains in an interview what good leaders do in order to further improve their leadership effectiveness. He also shares a great story that illustrates the power of 360 degree feedback as a leadership skills development tool ….

“What Does Leadership Mean To You?”

A short video clip, but none-the-less thought provoking, in which people on the street are asked the simple question …..”What does leadership mean to you?”

In this video clip, again some of the key qualities leaders display are explored ….. such as determination, integrity, high standards and compassion. But the speaker also briefly discusses some of the different types of leadership styles that leaders need to be able to use in different types of situations ……

For more tips and video clips on effective leadership and leadership skills,. you might like to also visit our page Leadership Management