Developing Your Leadership Skills as a Manager 

If you have been promoted to a management role, then congratulations – however that does not necessarily make you a leader in the eyes of your staff or the organisation.

Leadership is less about the position or title that you hold, and more about the personal qualities that you display and the influence and impact that you have in the workplace. If you are in a management role – then you need to manage budgets, manage equipment, manage systems and process ….. But people need less managing and more leading – because to be a true leader you need to understand people and their different motivations.


In the following short video clip, various people discuss managers for whom they have worked, and the leadership qualities that sometimes were and sometimes were not demonstrated by thepr manager – and the subsequent impact on their motivation levels

Five Key Qualities All Good Leaders Possess

Here’s a short video that highlights in an entertaining way some more qualities possessed by true leaders – including the importance of being “authentic” and learning to play to your strengths …

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