Executive coaching is a strategy that can accelerate the development of your key people – for example in leadership capabilities such as negotiating skills, public speaking and presentations skills, people management, team building, delegation, and their time management or stress management skills.

Executive Coaching Melbourne offer support to executives in their current role – as well as developing the leadership capability of high-potential staff for stepping into a future management role. Coaching is a way of offering much more individualized and intensive guidance for your key staff.

Brian Carroll is a qualified psychologist, management training consultant and highly experienced executive coach who can help build the performance capability of your people. By way of example, through executive coaching Brian has helped people to :

  1. Prepare and rehearse for the delivery of a critical presentation (building their confidence in public speaking)
  2. Plan a strategy and develop some tactics for a major negotiation
  3. Improve their management techniquesfor example their delegation, meeting facilitation, and performance counseling skills
  4. Develop greater self-awareness of their leadership style and their impact upon the people around them
  5. Improve their time management and stress management skills

Brian also has a small team of coaching specialists, who can be called upon  – depending upon the dynamics that will best “fit” the individual. Personal chemistry in the coaching relationship can be one of the critical success factors that determine how much the individual gains from the process.

executive coaching

Executive coaching Melbourne adopt an engaging process that comprises….

  1. Defining and agreeing desired outcomes from the coaching
  2. Discussion and definition around the role of the coach and the exact nature of guidance and support to be offered
  3. Identifying the coaching / development strategies to be used – which might include  a combination of the following strategies for example – structured 360 degree feedback and interpretation, observation, intensive skills practice, planned reading, workplace assignments, rehearsal and preparation for major events, structured self-assessment, etc

The executive coaching contract is reviewed regularly to ensure that it is delivering the type of progress that is sought by both the individual and their sponsor.

What does executive coaching cost?

As a guide to cost, it is suggested that to support genuine change you might consider three coaching sessions be scheduled.  Each of these sessions, of around 2 hour duration, would likely cost $500 + gst per session at your site in or around Melbourne location.

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