If you have read our earlier Management Tip # 1, the you have already considered how to go about building relationships with your staff. Now read on and consider other relationships that are critical to your success as a manager …

 Management tip # 2 : Build Relationships With Your Customers

Just as important as building relationships with your staff, is the process of building relationships with key customers and stakeholders.

So the second management tip is to meet with each of them, and explore their views on the service delivery of your workgroup …. what are their expectations of the group, and how well do they believe the group has been meeting these expectations?

What performance measures are in place to track your customer’s satisfaction levels – and are these still adequate?

As a new manager, take the opportunity to gather information and consult with both stakeholders and staff before making any decisions about what might need to be changed.

Too many new managers think they have to make change, in order to show who the boss is. And yet this is simply not the case. Don’t put yourself under undue pressure feeling that you have to prove yourself. Have trust in your strengths and capabilities – these qualities are what won you the position – and if you make any changes make sure they are for the right reasons.

So remember, take your time – as long as there is no crisis, then you can afford to survey the landscape before making judgements about what to maintain and what needs to be improved. And if you are thinking of attending a short management training course, then visit our page Management Courses

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