If you are thinking about doing some type of team building process for your work group, then you can either bring in an external facilitator to lead the process or you could design and lead the team building process yourself.

Try to remember however, if you choose to lead the process yourself, the important thing is that you will be facilitating and guiding the team and NOT talking at the team. Askiteambuilding_000ng questions and gently challenging team members to think a bit more deeply about how you are all working together is one of the keys to success with this.

But what sorts of things would you want to include in the design of a team building workshop? Well, it depends upon what you want to achieve through the session and whether there are any specific tensions within the team that may need to be identified and explored.

Team building means different things to different people …..For some, it’s about go-karting or abseiling and sharing some fun or adventure together. Anything which can open up communication within a workgroup and bring people closer together will help to build improved team-spirit.

If you are looking to use team building as a chance to review and evaluate concrete opportunities for improvement within the workgroup, then the following video clip offers you some good practical team building tips. Some of the areas in which I suggest your workgroup could perhaps benefit from reflective opportunities include ….

  1. Re-visit team goals, direction and common purpose
  2. Review of roles and responsibilities, to ensure common understanding
  3. Assessing the team’s external environment and how effectively the team is managing key stakeholder relationships
  4. Explore more deeply the skills and background experience that project members bring to the team

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