If you feel like you’re needing a boost in energy and drive, here are six keys to help you unlock some of that self-motivation that is lying within you. See what you think ….

           “Never let what you can’t do, stop you from doing what you can do”

Self-Motivation Key #1 – Remember your “why.”

It’s easy to stay motivated when your reasons for wanting to improve your life are fresh in your mind – but motivation can all too readily dissipate as time goes on. self motivation

So write down your reasons for wanting to make positive changes or pursue greater goals. Read them to yourself to keep them fresh in your mind, and review them when you need a mental or emotional boost.

Having a clear sense of PURPOSE and remaining connected with this, will  keep you inspired and energised.

Self-Motivation Key #2 – Eliminate distractions.

If you’re feeling scattered and unfocused, try working in a secluded spot, closing the door for some quiet, or even wearing earplugs to shut out excessive noise. Once the distractions are gone, you might find your motivation increasing and your determination returning.

Self-Motivation Key #3 – Read something inspirational.

Nowadays there is no shortage of inspiring reading material available for purchase. Visit your local bookstore and get a few books with motivational themes and make a point of reading a few pages before you start your day. When you feel unmotivated, open one of these books randomly and let your finger fall blindly onto a passage from the book. Read that passage and let it speak to you. Does it hold a message that relates to your situation and helps to inspire you to move into action.

Self-Motivation Key #4 – Surround yourself with inspiration.

Do you have some favourite plaques, prints or paintings that make you feel inspired? Fill up your blank walls with them! Visit a flea market or home décor store for visuals that lift your spirits. Go to a stock photo site and download a few beautiful images and have them blown up into a larger size at your local photo place. Take some of your favourite motivational quotes, enlarge the type, print and hang them up to read whenever you need a little boost. Hanging inspiring words and images in your home and workplace can create a continuous flow of inspiration that will keep you feeling motivated no matter what you’re working on.

Self-Motivation Key #5 Call a friend for support.

If you’ve got a friend or two who support you in your goals, give them a call! Tell them you’re having trouble getting started (or keeping momentum) and you need a kick in the rear. Tell them to remind you what you are working so hard for, and how excited you sounded the last time you spoke to them. This will only work with friends who do support you – not dream stealers.

Self-Motivation Key #6 – Re-assess your vision.

If you find yourself constantly needing to get motivated to work on your dream or goal, you might question whether it’s right for you any longer. Have you outgrown the original vision you had? If you conceived your dream or set your goal years ago, you might need to rethink what you want and see if you can expand on your original dream. You can even start from scratch if your original plans no longer inspire passion; you are a different person than you were even a year ago! Come up with something that you won’t have to work so hard to get motivated to do, and you solve not only your immediate need, but long-term needs also.

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