Hiring the wrong person can be extremely costly for your business. hiring tips recruitment

If recruitment is something that you do only occasionally – and if you feel that you lack the expertise, time or confidence to get this right, then you might well consider the use of a recruitment agency. Alternatively, if you decide you want to train your hiring managers in these skills, then check out recruitment training Melbourne.

Here’s some tips that might help you engage with them a little more effectively – especially if this is new territory for you. After all, knowledge is power, isn’t it?

What’s involved in using a recruitment agency?

Outsourcing recruitment doesn’t mean that you take no responsibility for the process – but it does mean you let the so-called “experts” do the bulk of the work. Based upon the “brief” that you provide to them, the agency will handle the advertising, screening of applications and shortlisting of candidate, the conduct of the interview and any candidate assessment – together with verification of referees.

A good agency will quite often have their own talent pool data-base and may not even need to undertake extensive advertising to attract quality candidates.

However to get the best results from an agency, it is imperative that you have provided them with a clear definition of “the ideal candidate” and the essential capabilities that are required to perform the duties of the role.

You are saved the time of reviewing possibly over 50 applications and interviewing maybe six or so candidates. Instead, your job is to simply interview and confirm whether you believe the candidate the agency eventually recommends will be capable in the job, and also whether they are likely to be a good “fit” with the culture of your organisation. If you’re not happy with their first recommended candidate, then you ask to see their second one.

Although you are relieved by the agency of many time consuming activities associated with the recruitment process, you can still if you choose, retain close control over their process and you might even choose to be more actively involved than simply waiting for their final recommendation.

What can it cost to use a recruitment agency?

The market for agency fees does vary – but tend to range on average between 15 – 18 per cent of the annual salary of the position. In other words, for a job paying an annual salary of $60,000 the fee of a recruitment agency might be around $10,000 plus advertising expenses.

It should be noted that recruitment of senior executive roles might carry a fee of up to 25% of the annual salary – however all fees are negotiable at the beginning of the process. And typically, although not always, the fees are charged on a contingency basis – which are payable only upon the actual successful appointment of a candidate.

Different recruitment agencies to choose from

In Australia, the larger recruitment agencies for both temporary and permanent jobs include companies like Hudson, Hays, Morgan Consulting, Manpower Plus, Adecco and Drake Employment. A Google or even LinkedIn search will generate a list of options for you.

If you are a small to medium size business then you might prefer to use a local provider, one with whom you can build a close on-going relationship and partner with as you grow over time. Big doesn’t always mean better – so shop around as you would when selecting any supplier. Remember fees are negotiable – and it’s easier to negotiate when you keep your options open.

Be aware that different recruitment agencies may specialise in different industries – such as firms that tend to focus on either I.T, financial services or the health services sector for example. But another outsourcing option to consider, instead of an agency – is to contract an independent HR consultant to handle the recruitment process. For smaller businesses in particular, this can be quite a cost-effective option.