Hey if you’re someone who tends to walk out of job interviews with a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, recognising that you haven’t done a particularly good job of selling yourself or your capabilities – then you’re certainly not alone.

Avoid these 5 interview pitfallsjob interview

Here are five of the most common ways that interviewees can be their own worst enemy at the job interview …..

  1. Too much “we” and not enough “me”. In other words, not properly owning their achievements. Whilst you want to be viewed as a team player, you also need to claim those times where you have been the one who was the leader or the driver behind certain initiatives. If you keep on using phrases like “We decided ….” and “The way we got around that obstacle was we ….” then you dilute much of the credit to yourself and divert it to others. Obviously, be careful of correcting this to a point where you never give any acknowledgement to your team-mates
  2. Failing to have adequately researched the organisation they seek to join and not knowing enough about the scope of their services or recent initiatives and developments within the interviewers business – and sometimes even lacking industry knowledge.
  3. Rushing with an answer to the question ….. and consequently sometimes misinterpreting the intent behind the question
  4. Misinterpreting an interviewer’s “poker face” as disapproval and becoming discouraged. Assuming that the neutral reaction of an interviewer reflects that they are not satisfied with the response ……. The fact is that many times that poker faced interviewer is doing exactly the same with every candidate.
  5. Not knowing when to finish their answer – and continuing to waffle on. This then unfortunately detracts from the first part of their answer – which may have been quite good.

Interview Tips

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Here’s a short video clip that features a careers advisor from Harvard University offering some advice on “How to Ace the Job Interview” – see what you think ….