All of our management training and management courses can be customised to the specific requirements of your organisation. Training course outcomes, content and duration can all be tailored to your needs.

The following training course outlines are offered as a guide to the range of short courses we can design and deliver in-house for your organisation.

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Change Management Training (2 day course)

This course will equip senior staff with the tools and frameworks they need to successfully lead Transformational Change projects.  Now-days with markets changing so rapidly, incremental change just won’t cut it ….. Instead, it is the capability for large scale, real-time change that is implemented to engage staff is critical to survival.

  Management & Supervision skills (Workplace Leadership)

Learning to adjust to performing a leadership role requires an understanding that your success is no longer being measured purely by your own output, but rather by the output and productivity of the people whom you lead. For some, this can be a daunting and frustrating lesson. However, working with others and getting them to give you their best — can become just as rewarding as technical accomplishments… once you get the hang of what it means to be a leader.


One measure of the personal effectiveness of your staff is in their ability to influence others over whom they may have no positional authority, and to resolve issues and differences with them in co-operative ways, leading to enduring agreements.


Anyone with responsibility for leading some kind of team or project in this era of shrinking resources will be acutely aware of the need to have jobs filled by the very best people capable of doing them.


One of the things about giving a presentation is that it is not so much the delivery of it that counts, but rather the reception of it. The whole design, delivery and content of the presentation must therefore be geared not just to the needs of the speaker, but more importantly, to the needs of the audience.


Many organisations have identified customer service as a strategic point of differentiation over the past five to ten years. Hence, the benchmark for service delivery has increased dramatically – and customer expectations of your service are much higher now than ever before.


In this highly demanding climate of having to accomplish more with less, today’s managers and team leaders must be much more skilled than their predecessors in getting the best out of their people.


At the completion of this highly interactive one day workshop, participants should be able to apply ten principles of current business writing to help ensure their written work is clear, concise, and complete, and presented in a format required by the organisation.


Conflicts are a part of normal everyday life – however, if you have too many, or you are perhaps not handling them well – then life can certainly become stressful.


Increasing workplace demands are creating stress for many of us – it has become crucial to learn to judge priorities, develop healthy routines and build resilience, so as to withstand these workplace pressures and remain productive. All of this is fundamental to maintaining a sense of balance and well-being – to the long term benefit of both ourselves and our organisation.

  Applying & Presenting for the Job Interview

This highly interactive half day workshop will take your staff right from preparing their application, through to presenting positively at the interview. It is full of ideas that will help them better understand the needs and requirements of the people on the other side of the selection process, “the selection panel”.


  Email Management Training

One of the great challenges of the modern workplace is coping with massive volumes of e-mail communication that assails us on a daily basis. The result for many people is they become overloaded and overwhelmed !

MS Project 2010 Training

This course is a hands-on guide to how the tools in Microsoft Project can be used to efficiently plan, manage and control small and large scale projects

Career Development Training

Is your organisation looking to offer staff training in career development?   This highly interactive one day training course will provide your staff with the opportunity to explore key strategies for planning and managing their development so as to more likely achieve their career goals.

Training course delivery

We can help you if you are looking for a training consultant in Melbourne to tailor and deliver an in-house training course for your organisation