If your company is thinking of running an in-house management course, then we can help.

We can design and deliver a tailored management course around the needs and experience of your target group.

Let me offer an example, together with an accompanying testimonial …… A while ago, I had the great pleasure of working with the management team of the Victorian arm of 13CABS. Their business had grown significantly over the past few years and some crucial changes had been implemented by the team. Some of the managers had experienced major growth in the number of staff reporting to them, and it was decided that a management course would be of benefit to all of the team.

It would offer an important opportunity for the management team to reflect together on the leadership they were providing to the business moving forward, as well as refreshing some of their core people management skills such as delegation, performance management, motivation, coaching, resilience and team building.

Simon Purssey 13CABS Marketing and Client Services Manager , had this to say about his experience of the course ……

“We had two days together in the Hawthorn Football Club Boardroom at Ricoh Centre and I must say it was the best two days that I can remember for a long time…. Brian kept us all moving and totally energised with his cutting edge information on best-practice leadership and management.

We can all now use these ideas, techniques and insights not only to improve our professional skills but also to gain benefit at a personal level as well.  Based upon our experience, I would recommend Brian to all organisations be they big or small”


And here’s a photo taken at the end of the first day of their 2 day management course. My thanks to 13CABS for very kindly giving me permission to publish this ….


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