Basic tips on getting more traffic to your website

If you’re a small business owner with a website and your stats are showing you that you’re not getting the number of visitors that you were expecting, then what can you do to increase website traffic?

And just as important, ensuring that it’s targetted traffic? Well, have a look at this clip in which the speaker nominates five proven methods for getting more traffic

Quick tips for getting website traffic …..

  1. Ensure your site offers useful information and resources for visitors
  2. Do SEO on your website
  3. Ensure your website is listed in as many search engine directories as possible
  4. Participate in online forums and contribute worthwhile postings to blogs – so you gather links back to your website
  5. Consider the use of email marketing – but make sure you give recipients the opportunity to opt out. Many people resent unsolicited emails, and you run the risk of getting “blacklisted” as spam otherwise
  6. Give away free stuff on your site, maybe as part of an online survey or competition that you run
  7. Develop a PPC (pay per click) advertising campaign through Google Adwords – ensure you measure your traffic before and after, so you can establish if the cost of the advertising program has been worth it, in terms of an actual increase to website traffic
  8. Leave your business card with your website details, at local libraries, clubs and associations
  9. Write an interesting short article on your area of expertise and submit it to Ezine-Articles, which can give you an important link back to your website that article readers can follow
  10. Ensure the landing page of your website, once it has been optimised, is also captivating!! There’s not much point in driving traffic to your website, if people aren’t going to be interested enough to explore and have a look around

Understanding Google

In order to drive more visitors to your website, you need to lift your ranking in search engine results. To achieve a higher search engine result for your website, particularly with Google (which accounts for the lion’s share of search engine enquiries) it helps to understand what Google are actually looking for in a website.

Well, here is an insider’s view of how Google evaluate a website. This short video clip features Matt Cutts, a senior engineer within Google, who speaks about the process Google apply in responding to a search enquiry …….

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