Here’s what a valued client hss to say about working with us

Reactive are proud of being an award winning and full service digital agency with more than 90 fantastic people in our team. With offices in Melbourne Sydney London, Auckland and New York, we’re committed to partnering with our clients and ensuring they have the best results imaginable.

Investing in our staff is very important to us so when we were seeking a training provider for our project management team, we knew we needed the best cultural fit possible.

From the outset, Brian Carroll of Performance Development demonstrated his training methodology by his own approach. I like his outlook on business; find him trustworthy and know with certainty that he does what he says he’ll do and that he goes the extra mile.

A lot of trainers want to tell you what they can do for your organisation – which is not what the business necessarily wants or needs. For the type of training Performance Development delivers, Brian Carroll is the best I’ve met.

He doesn’t sell; he listens and, as a result, his approach is truly needs based which is a much better experience from a client’s perspective. Most of all, Brian knows how to build relationships and epitomises someone who walks the walk as well as talking the talk.

As a result of Brian taking the time to understand our business and identifying the outcomes we were after,the course provided was a tailored and customised solution that really delivered for our needs in our way.

 The feedback I’ve received from the team regarding the “Influencing and Negotiating Skills” and the “Presentation” training has been great. The team are generally more comfortable, more skilled and knowledgeable as a result. I believe that their learning is enduring because of the way Brian delivers training. The same applies to the Presentation Skills training course.”


Simon Julian,

General Manager, Reactive, Fitzroy, VIC