Brian Carroll is the founder of Performance Development, a corporate training company that is based in Melbourne Australia.

He is a qualified psychologist with more than twenty five years of experience working in the field of management skills training and leadership development.

  • An experienced, respected professional

He is a highly experienced and respected trainer, executive coach and facilitator. He brings a strong depth of expertise in developing the capabilities of people in areas such Management & Leadership Skills, Presentation & Public Speaking Skills, and Influencing & Negotiating Skills.

As a qualified psychologist he brings a deep understanding of the way in which the attitudes, concepts and beliefs of people influence their behaviour. Brian’s approach to both training and coaching recognises that very often a change in thinking must accompany a change in the performance of people if any improvement is to be sustained.

  • A practical focus

Brian’s presentation and training style is highly interactive – engaging the audience  and drawing upon their experience whenever the opportunity.. Whilst he brings energy and humour to his delivery, what is more important to many of his clients is his pragmatic focus on the workplace application of ideas and techniques. He never loses sight of the need for an ROI to the organisation that is sponsoring the event.

  • Career snapshot

The early career of Brian Carroll was working with the Victorian government in various human resources roles, including recruitment and staff counselling. Before setting up his consulting business he was a senior consultant within an oil company, having national responsibility for management training and development.

Brian Carroll is best known as the founder and director of Performance Development. His consulting company has won major training contracts with organisations such as Department of Defence, Department of Justice, Deakin University and KMart for example.

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