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Our next short Management & Leadership course on Feb 12, 13 has a highly practical focus. You will gain leadership tools and management skills in delegation, performance coaching, motivation, influence, decision making and team building.

Throughout our two day management training, you will gain personal insights and techniques that you can start applying immediately to help you get the best out of yourself as a leader. You will take-away strategies that you can use to increase team productivity. .

During the course, we do not cover useless theory - we focus on people management skills with real-world application. You will develop your leadership capability and confidence to deliver great results through your team.


Management Course in Melbourne

Management & Leadership Skills 

Feb 12, 13;  Mar 26, 27

How to lead, motivate and develop staff



  • Corporate Training; HR Consulting:

corporate training

As well as public management and leadership training, Performance Development (see About Us) offer a range of Corporate Training, HR Consulting and professional development solutions. View a great testimonial from one of our corporate clients

Any of our courses can be tailored and delivered in-house for your organisation :

Management Training  Gain techniques in performance management, delegation, coaching, team development.

Leadership Course  Leadership is about building relationships, engaging staff and winning respect - then delivering great results

Negotiation Training  Develop your influencing skills. Plan and conduct negotiations with greater method and confidence

Team Building   Refresh and rejuvenate team spirit

Presentation Training  Prepare and deliver your message with impact and learn how to confidently engage your audience

Customer Service Training Deliver exceptional service

Performance Coaching Skills How to coach and develop your staff to their full potential

Business Writing  Ensure e-mails, correspondence and reports are clearly written and project a professional image

Assertiveness Training   Standing up for your rights

Stress Management  Gain control of harmful stress and build personal resilience, so as to increase well-being

Selection Interviewing Skills  Plan and conduct a structured interview to select the best person for the job

Project Management Training  Tools and frameworks for managing each of the critical stages of a project

Time Management Training  Essential disciplines, routines and planning techniques that improve self-organisation

Sales Training Melbourne  Build the relationship before you sell your product or service

Outlook Training & E-mail Management  Gain control of e-mail overload and boost personal productivity through proven e-mail management strategies

MS Project training  Learn to use all of the powerful project planning tools that are available within Microsoft Project

  • Interview training      

interview training

Job Interview Coaching   Gain an edge at your next interview. This intensive coaching session conducted in Melbourne, will give you the chance to rehearse for your interview, and gain the benefit of expert guidance on how to more effectively present yourself.

  • Management skills development

management development

If you are looking for tips and articles to help you with delegation, leadership, problem solving, recruitment, motivation and managing change - check out Management skills development

  • Personal development                       personal development

For a treasure chest of self-improvement tips and personal development resources , including how to build self-confidence, deal with stress, motivate yourself and change bad habits, then check out Personal Development

  • Managing a small business

managing a business

If you're looking for resources to help you with starting, running or growing your own small business, take a look at our pages on Small Business Management which also lists business management courses in Melbourne, a business plan template, marketing advice and some great SEO tips for achieving search engine ranking success.

by Brian Carroll , founder of Performance Development



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