Peak Performance : 2 hour in-house Melbourne seminar

Peak performance is never an accident – it’s an inevitable consequence when purpose and passion combine with preparation and perspiration. peak performance seminar

In this highly interactive and challenging two hour seminar, participants explore the physical, mental and emotional dynamics for achieving peak performance in the workplace and in life.

There is much that elite sports can teach business about what it takes for people to perform to their best and be incredibly productive – particularly when operating in a team environment.

This seminar will provide participants with some of the essential techniques needed to take more control over their success at work and in life.

Seminar learning outcomes will include participants taking away routines and strategies to-

  1. Enhance mental toughness and promote a positive mindset
  2. Develop the resilience needed to cope with pressure, setbacks and adversity
  3. Stimulate the physical energy and motivation needed for peak performance

The routines and habits of peak performers

In the world of sports, elite athletes create rituals and develop personal routines that help them regulate their lives and get them ready to seize opportunity. For example, healthy habits and disciplines are formed in areas such as exercise, hydration, mental visualisation, stretching, relaxation, self-affirmation and nutrition.

There are many other practices that can be learned from elite athletes. They aim high, but then these larger goals are broken down into more bite-size performance milestones – with progress regularly being measured.

They schedule time for adequate preparation prior to key performance events, actively seeking feedback to help with their skill improvement, carefully studying their competition and other top performers to see what can be learned from them. They are driven with a hunger for continuous improvement – and are never deterred by so-called “failure”, instead seeing it as a stepping stone to further growth and progress.

Setting goals that have meaning

Elite performers are typically driven and highly motivated – but to what end?

Studies have confirmed that when people find a sense of meaning and purpose in the activities in which they are involved, then they become more committed and invest greater effort.  In other words, of course setting goals is important and developing plans for goal attainment needs to accompany this – but it is also the inherent nature of the goals and the meaning that people attach to them that is just as important.

When the goal is felt to provide challenge and when it also provides opportunity for people to play to their strengths and inherent talents, then they will naturally feel a deeper level of engagement. Peak performers are known to enter a state of “flow” where they become immersed and absorbed in the music of what they are doing, with accomplishment becoming almost effortless whilst in that space.

Is your business gaining the benefit of peak performing staff? …… Have you provided your employees with an understanding of how they can best leverage their talents – to the benefit of both themselves and your business?

Your  “Peak Performance” seminar leader – Nathan Burke

Who better to take you on the journey of exploration and reflection of what it takes to perform at elite level than Nathan Burke. nathan burke - peak performance

Having played more than 300 AFL games, captain of St. Kilda Football Club, captain of Victoria state-of-origin team, selected in the all-Australian team and member of St. Kilda F.C Hall of Fame – Nathan was admired as a courageous team player and respected as a great role model of leadership. His passion is helping people to discover, nurture and perform to their full potential.

In-company 2 hour seminar

If your business is located in or around Melbourne, and you are looking for an in-house seminar to inspire, motivate and educate your staff in peak performance – then contact us now Ph 03 9725 3777

The cost of the 2 hour seminar, delivered to a group of up to 20 of your employees, is $1,300 + gst

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