Leading, Inspiring & Engaging Millennials in Today’s Workplace

/Leading, Inspiring & Engaging Millennials in Today’s Workplace
Leading, Inspiring & Engaging Millennials in Today’s Workplace 2017-12-18T05:22:46+00:00

Keynote address or a leadership training workshop: “How to Engage Millennials” leading millennial employees

Anyone with responsibility for managing the performance of this younger generation of employees first needs an understanding of their values and motivations in order to succeed in gaining their engagement.

We offer either a one hour key-note presentation or a two hour interactive training workshop that is facilitated by a millennial. She delivers her message in a lively way that is informative, humorous and memorable – and will provide participants with essential learning “takeaways” that include

  1. A better understanding of the traits and values that characterise millennial staff as well as the key differences between different generations
  2. Seven practical tips on how to lead and engage this generation of employees, so the inherent power and strengths of this younger generation of workers can best be harnessed
  3. Insights into how to best integrate millennial staff with employees from previous generations by enhancing communication between them
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Rationale for the training …

Millennials as employees are said to have developed work traits that can be better understood when considering that generally, they have grown up under doting, encouraging parents and have been brought into contact with a wide, diverse range of people in their early lives.

Through the benefit of technology, they have grown up as the most “connected” generation in history – and as such, networking comes easily to them.

Also referred to as “Gen Y’ers”, they were born in the period between 1981 – 2000, they are seen as a generation that exudes confidence and belief in their ability to achieve their goals – and are fearless about asking for exactly what they want.

If you are managing this generation of  employees, and particularly the “twenty-something” age group, then you will likely have already found that they are eager for meaning, development, variety and challenge in their job ….. They will be more willing than previous generations of employees to network themselves out of their current workplace to another one that better meets their needs.

There’s an old saying in HR, that when an employee resigns – more often than not, they are leaving their manager rather than the job. So it is essential that those having any type of responsibility for managing millennial staff have an appreciation of how to engage this generation of employees and learn to play to their strengths.

Your Investment

As a guide and depending upon the number of expected participants and the duration of the training or the presentation, the cost of on-site delivery in Melbourne is between $1,600 – $2,000 + gst. Travel and accommodation expenses are additional for interstate delivery, to Sydney, Canberra or Brisbane.

Testimonial from Yarra Valley Water

Here’s what the Training Coordinator at YARRA VALLEY WATER had to say about the workshop that was successfully presented there in December, 2017 –

“We recently ran a Millennials workshop and Jordana was a constant professional, very easy to deal with and accommodating to our needs. The workshop delivered was highly anticipated and did not disappoint. Jordana was engaging, energetic and delivered the information in a fun and entertaining way. We have received excellent feedback from  attendees and intend to run another workshop”

Your Presenter ….

This is a short video clip that provides you with an idea of the energy and humour that our presenter (Jordana) can bring to your next event ……