Management tip # 3 : Choose The Right Management Course

If you are somewhat newly appointed to a management role, and have not yet undertaken any preparatory management training, then you may well be thinking about enrolling yourself in some kind of management course.

But you are also very likely pressed for time, with many new demands being placed upon you. So you ask yourself, is it worth it – will attending some management training actually be of benefit and be worth the time it costs me?

The short answer is very probably yes. The longer answer is that it depends upon a number of factors, which you have to consider carefully.

Some tips I would offer to help you choose the right management course include considering each of the following points –

  1. Are you after a formal qualification, or simply some training that is short and practical? Formally accredited management training can offer you something to add to your resume, but it will likely require a longer time commitment from you.
  2. What is the experience of the course trainer…… does he or she actually bring some business and management experience themselves to the course, and do they have the ability to engage course participants?
  3. Does the course content have a practical focus that allows you to learn proven management techniques, or is it full of theory? You presumably want tools that can be applied on a day to day basis, to help you with delegation of work, staff motivation, coaching, performance management and communication skills – these are capabilities that are core to being able to achieve good results through the efforts of your staff.
  4. What sort of support will you receive after the management training, to encourage you with workplace application?

These are just some of the questions to consider in order to choose the right management course that will best meet your needs.

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