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Coaching & Counselling

This half day workshop will provide a firm basis for participants to improve their performance coaching and counselling skills. The workshop is practically oriented, and actively involves participants through discussion, case studies and structured skills practice.

In this highly demanding climate of having to accomplish more with less, today's managers and team leaders must be much more skilled than their predecessors in getting the best out of their people.

Compounding the challenge for anyone in a leadership role now-days is that capable staff have higher aspirations in what they seek from their experience at work - in particular, they place a high value upon opportunity and support for their on-going growth and development.

Course content can include .......

  • The performance management cycle
  • The impact of your leadership style on staff
  • The ripple effects of failing to confront poor performance
  • Encouraging self-assessment by staff
  • Common causes of poor performance
  • Why managers hesitate in raising performance issues
  • Performance problem-solving in a collaborative way
  • The qualities of good coaches
  • Taking account of individual work values in career planning
  • The use of planned delegation as a development tool
  • Overcoming a reluctance to delegate
  • Guiding rather than directing when delegating




Performance Coaching & Counselling Course, Melbourne Australia
  Learning Outcomes ….
  • Raise & resolve performance issues with staff in a constructive way
  • Guide and mentor staff to achieve goals that benefit both themselves & the organisation
  • Support your staff with their career planning
  • Develop your people to achieve their full potential
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