Sometimes we can find ourselves needing a little extra push in life – a little nudge to get ourselves motivated again.self motivation

We might need some help us overcome an inner feeling of inertia or procrastination that may be holding us back from moving forwards and accomplishing our goals.

Whether we’re hesitant to pursue the dreams we’ve cherished deep in our heart since childhood or we simply need to become energised to tackle some day-to-day mundane chores, sometimes it feels like we’re stuck in a rut of lethargy and struggle to find our way out of it.

Here are a range of simple self-motivation tips that you may find helpful in giving you the boost and energy rejuvenation that you need ……Some of these tips will appeal to you, however others won’t, and some may very well stimulate additional ideas for you

Self-Motivation Tip #1 – Try a different approach.

If you’re procrastinating on one specific task because it seems overwhelming or unpleasant, take a few minutes to figure out a new plan of action. Maybe you need to break down a larger goal into smaller ones, or you can try approaching the task from a different angle than the one you initially decided on. Sometimes just switching things around can be enough to break you out of a rut of boredom or fear paralysis.

Self-Motivation Tip #2 – Check your expectations.

Are you holding back because you fear a negative outcome? Sometimes we convince ourselves that certain goals are a waste of time, even if we really want to achieve them. This can be because we have an underlying fear that we don’t have what it takes to achieve our objectives, or we fear that we might make the wrong decision and screw it up. Take a few minutes to explore your feelings about your potential for success. If you’re not feeling optimistic, work on turning your thinking around first and you may start to notice yourself feeling more motivated the more that you affirm your abilities.

Self-Motivation Tip #3 – Clean your car.

For some people, the car can be  a symbol for movement and progress in their life. If your car is dirty, cluttered or in disrepair, this may be reflective of what is going on in your life ……so, take some time to clean it up. Wash the outside, clean the inside, and remove trash or items that don’t belong there. Clean the windows to symbolize greater clarity and foresight, and be sure to vacuum the carpets and seats to suck up stagnant energy. Symbolism aside, the physical activity you actually expend by cleaning can also help you feel more invigorated.

Self-Motivation Tip #4 – Read or watch something funny.

Laughter is the best medicine, even for an unmotivated mind. Take a few minutes at the beginning of your day (or before starting a big project) to read a funny book, jokes, or watch a short comedy sitcom on TV. Not only does your body benefit from laughter, you’ll also be lightening your mood which is bound to have a positive effect on anything you do.

Self-Motivation Tip #5 – Play a game.

Just like laughter, playfulness can boost your mood and energize your body. If none of your friends or relatives are available to play a game with you, play by yourself! If more than one player is necessary, keep switching your position so you can play against yourself. If nothing else, this will make you feel so silly that you can’t help but have a good time.

Self-Motivation Tip #6 – Play with your kids and/or pets.

Keeping with the “fun” theme here, you can also set aside some time to goof around with your children or family pets and enjoy the same benefits described above. However, be sure to really let go and get into the spirit of it; pretending to have a good time while feeling stressed about the work you “should” be doing won’t accomplish anything.

Self-Motivation Tip #7 – Listen to stimulating music.

You’ve probably heard that listening to Mozart can enhance your brworkplace motivationain power, but try experimenting with what type of music really fuels your motivation and energises you for action. Browse selections that you ordinarily wouldn’t be drawn to, and pay attention to how each type of music makes you feel. You might be surprised to discover that country music might make you feel reflective and insightful, which works well for brainstorming sessions; or that opera may make you feel inspired, which helps pump you up for productivity. Also check out alternative music like flute, or experiment with soothing nature sounds like whale songs, wind chimes, bird song, babbling brooks, or anything that would soothe and inspire you.

Self-Motivation Tip #8 – Warm up with the easy stuff

If you just can’t get yourself to tackle that big, foreboding project, work on some smaller tasks first so you can warm up to the bigger ones. Once you get moving and build some momentum, then you might feel motivated and ready to start on that bigger task!

Self-Motivation Tip #9 – Review and refine your plans.

Confusion and uncertainty can often cause you to resist taking action, even when you really want to. If you feel nervous or overwhelmed about the tasks before you, take a few minutes to review your plan and clarify what you see as the priorities for action. Ask yourself if you’ve created an achievable plan, or if you can improve upon it in any way. Once you have reassured yourself that the plan is realistic, you may find yourself feeling more confident and ready to start moving.

Self-Motivation Tip #10 – Gather your energy.

Sometimes no matter how badly we need to get motivated, we just can’t find that inner spark. Try this short visualization and watch how it can energize you: Sit quietly with your feet flat on the floor and take a few slow, deep breaths. Imagine a large funnel over the top of your head, the narrow end closest to your head, with the larger funnel side opening up above you. See a brilliant golden light streaming down into your funnel and into the top of your head. Feel this light as powerful energy that courses down through every part of your body, soothing away sluggish feelings, and finally leaving through the soles of your feet and returning to the earth. Go through this visualization a few times, and then slowly open your eyes. Many people find they start to feel clear and grounded, and ready to focus on the business at hand.

“If you wish success and happiness in life, make perseverance your bosom friend, experience your wise counsellor, caution your elder brother, and hope your guardian angel”

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